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From Prison to Prosperity Package Deal

From Prison To Prosperity Workbook Description coming soon. 

From Prison To Prosperity Affirmation Card Deck is filled with 49 inspiring thoughts and affirmations that will help motivate and inspire you. They were created to be a daily tool that conditions your subconscious mind to a new and empowered way of thinking. Set of 49 2.5" x 4"

From Prison to Prosperity is not about me going to prison, coming home and having success. It’s about leading people to freedom from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual captivity no matter who you are or what environment you find yourself in. Possibly the biggest impediment to finding and living your purpose are the mental shackles that tie many people down. The mental shackles on Lynch Hunt’s mind were released the day physical shackles were put on him. Hunt was the former leader of a $8.3 million cocaine ring in Burlington County, New Jersey. It landed him in federal prison for 10 years. Ironically, it was inside the prison walls where he found his freedom.


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